I зона покера

Онлайн зона в покерном клубе

Проект строительства первого гостиничного комплекса с казино реализует кемеровская i зона покера ООО «Алти». Partypoker, Покердом, poker, GGпокерок, Покерный клуб «Сочи» — все эти бренды впервые встретятся в единой покерной серии.

Однако возможности получения дополнительной прибыли с онлайн-зоны на этом не заканчиваются! Гостиница в казино насчитывала всего 14 номеров. С года популярность покера в России увеличивалась. На февраль года вложения инвестора составили более миллионов рублей. В настоящее время на территории «Сибирской монеты» осуществляют свою деятельность два резидента с общим объемом заявленных инвестиций около одного миллиарда рублей.

Второй инвестор проекта — i зона покера Naga Corp Ltd. Метод, на первый взгляд, простой, но действенный! Площадь заведения — около 1,5 i зоны покера квадратных метров. Актуальные вопросы законодательного регулирования в области азартных игр и пари Перспективы законодательного регулирования онлайн в РФ, нелегальный игорный бизнес и др. Площадь игорного заведения 1,5 тысячи квадратных метров. В таком случае, вам постоянно придётся искать всё новых и новых посетителей.

Путин передал в Государственную думу предложения по законопроекту «О государственном регулировании деятельности по организации и проведению азартных игр», суть которых состояла в укрупнении и концентрации игорного бизнеса в четырёх специальных игорных зонах. Исходя из подсчётов, вы сможете получить минимальную сумму аренды.

Игорный бизнес в России — Википедия

К концу х годов были первые попытки проведения турниров по покеру, но широкой популярности на тот момент они не получили. За три года игорную зону посетили свыше 1 человек из стран. Наш коллектив дорожит каждым клиентом и любой сотрудник фирмы «НАШПОКЕР» будет рад ответить на все Ваши вопросы, чтобы связаться со службой поддержки, на сайте создан раздел «Контактная информация».

В решении о создании игорной i зоны покера могут быть установлены требования к отдельным видам игорных заведений, а также другие ограничения. Третье казино — «Нирвана» — открылось в «Азов-Сити» 18 октября года. При этом игорные i зоны покера должны быть созданы до 1 июля года и не могут быть созданы на землях поселений. Кстати, раз уж речь зашла о договоре, в нём также в обязательном порядке должны быть прописаны условия частичной выплаты больших выигрышей..

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  1. Lose to any 7, boat, and flush. Easier fold since you’re blocking the nut flush

  2. Does Shane get Garrett to call the River if he only bets $10k vs $34k? What do you guys think?

  3. That protective glass is not protective at all and completely unnecessary imo

  4. He cant beat any flush, there was 4 cards to a straight on the board, he cant beat any small pocket pairs (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s). Ks, Qs, Js, 10s, 9s all have showdown value with a board like this so all of those hands would just check. Seat 1 called over $3000 pre-flop, and could only have a few hands. Like the title said, Garrett can only beat a bluff.

  5. Very interesting hand! My thoughts: In a 4 Bet pot, the only hands Garrett probably thinks Shane should have here by the river are JJ+ and suited broadways that made a flush. I’m also guessing that Garrett assumes Shane is never bluffing here since Garrett is holding the Ace of clubs the one card Shane might turn into a bluff with some holdings. So Garrett needs to determine does Shane take the same line for VALUE with Kings, Queens, Jacks. In Garrett’s mind he’s thinking Shane would probably call with an overpair knowing only Garrett can have the nut flush here. So Shane’s value hands are flushes which he will shove always and overpairs which lets say for argument sake he only shoves 25% of the time in this scenario. If Garrett is thinking along these lines he can(and did) get away from this. This is my hypothesis, but would love some dissent on this line of thinking. Now why Garrett decided to check river I’m not sure? Shane probably calls with Kings there. Maybe trying to stay balance? But it worked out in his favor definitely.

    • David Rigbye I think Garrett knew he was beat once the turn call was made honestly

    • I think he knew he was beat on the river. Shane calls whatever he bets

    • Wat is he turning into a bluff jj? He prolly should but theres basically 0 bluffs in his range outside turning his weaker showdowns into one the fact he has Ac means like aq or we doesnt exist

    • @Skylar LeBlanc anyone who doesnt agree with Matthew LeBlanc is a troll. Fine then, were no longer Friends.

    • it does look like that, but since it’s a 4bet pot, shane has almost no straight combos in his range, and most of his flush combos should contain the ace of spades making it more likely he’s bluffing. i see where you’re coming from though

  6. I wonder WHAT IF the river didn’t bring in a straight.. would Garrett shove? Would he check call a shove?

    • I don’t think so, I think once he calls on the turn, he had decided to fold river for the most patt

  7. It would have been pretty cool if Shane puts in $25,000 instead of the jam, it would completely fuck with Garretts head! Probably would have been a crying call.

  8. Love the intro! 🙄That’s exactly what I wanna hear 10 times in a row when I’m bingeing latb

  9. I assumed since it was Garrett that the fourth club was hitting the river 🙂

  10. Prolly the easiest fold with Aces possible. Any 2 clubs, 4 to a straight open ended on board, and all the sets are boats in a 4-Bet pot Pre. I would’ve thrown the Aces off the table.

    • He blocks all Ax club combos, so what other hand play this way in a 4 bet pot? I’m sure he doesn’t even think KT is in range. Amazing fold.

  11. My god lulu..just close your eyes and say call, moment? Good, important, discernible representation of her poker aptitude, approach to the game there; in one word, she is Lazy. Who you kinda hope to play with etc..just emotional and lazy..

  12. People thinking hey, its a 4 bet pot so its a great fold. Like anyone plays kings or queen like that. Well, Garrett has the ace of heart…..well, its 2021, people 3 bet suited Broadway hands and all a 4 bet in position while deep. Its a good fold but with such a nasty board, people are saying its a GOAT fold simply because its Garrett. Anyone else, its a standard fold.

    • having an A of clubs really makes this hard as he blocks AK,AQ,AJ,AT of clubs which blocks about 1/2-1/3 of his opponents logical flush combos in a 4-bet pot. Even though the 4-bet caller will likely have so many more suited hands than us, we also block so many of them.
      Id image a solver would say this is a mandatory call along with KK with a club. What other hands do we end up here with in a 4-bet pot on this board that is stronger to call down with? Assuming Garrett only has Ac,Kc AcQc and small partials of KcQc AcJc and Acxc he doesnt end up on the river here with more than 5 combos of flushes in an OOP 4-bet range. If he calls here only with flushes he is definitely making a massive exploit.

  13. Ummm… what do you people think he is beating? There are MULTIPLE hands that beat those Aces — easy fold. 4h5h, 5c7c, As4s, pocket 6s, pocket 4s… Good Lord — play poker with me all you insta-calls…

    • @houndofzeus k10s is pretty much the same than a4 no? Calling out of position k10s against a good player is pretty fishy to me. How many times you ll flop nothing and loose or flop a 10 or king get 2 barreled and got a headake

    • @Helio Duarte if a guy is calling 4 bets with A4 and 75 then he’s going to be pissing money away pre-flop

    • @Skylar LeBlanc 4 bet pot means nothing, have you seen Garrett play. Hes been 3bet with 2/3 suited and he 4 bet with J/8 off. People assume everyone playing is playing GTO. 75% of players if not higher probably dont truly know the GTO play on any given street (me included!)

    • Lol. He has literally none of those hands in his range. But nice try at looking like you know what you are talking about.

    • @Skylar LeBlanc not just a 4 bet but an over bet, 5x the previous raise. Garrett was prob trying to take advantage of his image and make it look like he was trying to steal a straddled pot. Shane fell for it but then he got there with a loose call.

  14. Awesome intro & editing so entertaining and enjoyable my brain can relax when I watch

  15. Shane makes poker so unique and colorful and really great at using all his resources and will always be a entertaining and special to the game

  16. Not that spectacular of a fold. Garretts is very face up right there and he loses to so many hands…

  17. garret folded because he had the nit player reading. against Andy he never folded

    • @mightybatillo lets play heads up buddy. Youre an absolute genius.

      This is a 4 bet pot and Garrett has the ace of clubs.

    • @bYb Pocket Kings. And even though it’s a small subset of hands relatively speaking, it makes up a large portion in a 4 Bet pot. If Garrett jams on the river and Shane has pocket kings, he has to call some portion of the time because if Garrett ever bluffs here he’s getting exploited very badly.

    • I was unable to run 4bet sim with hero in the BB but gmans check OTR is actually optimal if you run the sim as a 3bet 😲

    • @JJ De La Garza 4dPOKER GTO doesnt end up on the river here likes this

    • literally perfect spot for a bluff lol, garretts hand is basically face up and theres so much to credibly represent stronger than his range

  18. Help me out here, why was the AA such a great fold? What hands does he beat in that spot, wasn’t there 3 to a flush, 4 to a straight and the board was paired? Other then having the nut flush blocker why was this a great fold? Not hating just curious

    • ABC fold IMO, you only are beating queens or kings there and I think those hands would go all in on the flop.

  19. Tough because garrett blocks a lot of value with Ace of clubs, but also blocks the few bluffs shane could have

  20. Гаррет красавчик как прочитал флеш то в 4 бет поте))

  21. How does he fold those Aces? His opponent had a flush, duh!!! Am I the only one seeing the cards 🤔!?

    • Is it just me or is that really not a spectacular fold. I mean, ace of clubs is blocking his bluffs unless its a straight up airball. Also, he could be loose enough to have 66 or 77 and suited Broadway, like he had. Are you really shoving KK-TT on that river?

    • @brady freidkes its true once he check and opponent shoves but Im surprised he did not shove river for value but once you check and opponent shoves very unlikely bluff

    • Because he is garret. If me i would call and get cracked. I saw garret made a lot of great laydown if you watch others video

    • @travis mckinnon I was being completely sarcastic and giving JJ the business. First he says Garrett is going to shove the river then Garrett checks then he says no way he folds and Garrett folds what I have to believe is as standard of a fold as it gets. What do I know though, Im a 1/3 occasional rec.

  22. “How can Garret get away from aces there?????” Lol if you can’t get away from a 4 liner flushy board to an all in with one pair you’re just a bad player

    • Commentary is commentary, I think to the average watcher it seems impressive.

    • Like the 4 liner matters and Garrett is also holding the ace of clubs? If you’re always folding “a pair” there you are also a bad player

    • Know Garret has a big pair or nothing never calling all in the way ran out! Easy fold aswell!

  23. The only thing that spoil these clips is the f-ing dumb commentators,just shut up allready!

  24. Just when I think I can’t become a bigger fanboy of Garrett, this hand gets posted

  25. Pandemics over. Can take the diapers off your face now. Also, Faucis emails state they do no good. Love the poker though!

  26. Anyone who watches latb regularly will know what I’m talking about here… Garrett has some really strange tendencies when under pressure. One in particular is asking the dealer how much the opponents bet is then cutting the dealer off emphatically before the dealer can answer. So it’s 33xxx? Dealer: it’s. Garrett: No no no it’s fine it’s fine. The other thing he does is looks around at other players to see their reactions after he makes his proclamations but he does it without moving his head. Just shoots his eyes around the table…. Good poker player. Definitely on the spectrum.

    • ​@Monah Zaini Yea youre right. Still has some awkward tendencies though, but so do most of us.

    • yeah hes definitely not on the spectrum… he is super extroverted and confident and you cant fake that kind of personality if youre on the spectrum.

    • hes not on the spectrum you weirdo he has stated repeatedly that he struggles with anxiety

  27. If there are 8 Shane millionaires each worth 1 million dollars. If we can play any stake that I choose for 1 thousand hours, I have faith that at the end of it I would been 8 million dollars richer minus rake.
    Why didnt he go ALL IN on the turn with a K high flush and paired board??????????

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