Aof в покере что это

Призы будут начислены игрокам в течение первых пяти aof в покеров что это дней мая. По словам «jamadharma», он катает в AoF с начала сентября и разобрался в этой дисперсионнойигре. Вы получите приз в таких случаях: Чтобы выиграть джекпот в Холдеме, соберите стрит-флеш, используя обе свои карманные карты.

All-in or Fold в GGpoker: все, что нужно знать об игре

Один бай-ин за сыгранных раздач в AoF в подарок. В следующем году он начал обсуждать пари с Тимофеем «Trueteller» Кузнецовым, чтобы выяснить кто из них лучший игрок, однако до челленджа так и не дошло. Зачётное время лидерборда с до МСК. Также в руме продолжают действовать гонки, что и в прошлом месяце. Чтобы выигать джекпот за столами Холдем All-In or Fold, вы должны собрать наилучший возможный стрит-флеш, используя обе свои карманные карты и три общие карты.

Очки вы получите независимо от того, выиграла ваша рука, или же проиграла, а о количестве очков в тех или иных играх вы можете узнать из таблицы ниже. Список заданий ищите в aof в покере что это лобби My Missions. Количество очков за один олл-ин зависит от размера блайндов за столом. Узнать VIP условия вы можете в скайпе freestylepoker клик для чата Поделиться новостью в соц сетях. Очки начисляются за действия максимально 10 очков за раздачу : 1 очко — колл, 3 очка — страховка, 10 очков — Cash Drop.

Призы начисляются мгновенно в конце раздачи. Что осталось прежним? Суть ее в aof в покер что это, что если за определённое число рук игроку придут все карты, которые указаны в специальной панели слева от его aof в покера что это за столом, то он получит денежный приз, размер которого определяется случайным образом. All-In or Fold Jackpot Еще больше острых ощущений для и без того полной адреналина игры.

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    • It depends on the stack depth and relevant blockers.

  1. YOU are a great ambassador for the poker community. On Joeys lates Cast with Jared Jaffe they were talking about who would be a good pick if there was a poker mayor., you already have that mantle in my mind. Who else has your attitude for really wishing to spread the teaching word, has as much Pro Bono content available, and gives a FREE trial period at your Coaching site, usually once they get your dough, say goodbye to it, PLUS these Live casts are great and I think i speak for ALL regs on your show here, your kids and Amie are to die for i believe is the American colloquial term, and their Cameos are much appreciated, with much Jelly Beans from us cos Amie is married to someone not them 🙂 She seems Lovely Jon and you do her proud by being Jon Little. I am very happy to have discovered you and your fantastic product. Just how proud of you that Amie is, is as apparent as anything when she starts blubbing when talking of you in that Video i discovered last week. Thanks VERY much for your input into poker and its community Jon.

  2. ok i know these shouldnt be followed completley by the book but do you not think these raise first in charts are really loose i took the % of each for a 6max game (lowjack-sb ) and divided it by 5 its 31.4 ( that is assuming we only raise 35% on the button and raise all limped hands because at 5nl i dont think we should be limping 
    please let me know if you think ive calculated it wrong but looking at these ranges they still assume a little loose
    jonathan i understand is known as a poker pro so is there something im missing here?

  3. Thanks for the great work. What is the default strategy when there is a limper or limpers?

  4. These are great, but as a color blind person, I have a HUGE problem with these charts. Red and green look the same to me. Id gladly pay you for a version with red, blue and yellow instead. That said, since you explained it, Im okay without. Its just a lot more work.

    • Ron Zucker as colorblind you should always state that playing live: totally unreadable 🙂

      Hope U dont got offended like all young students seem to get these days in US/UK…
      Good luck !

  5. First of all super channel and great educational information on poker. Absolutely admire you.

    Need a pre-flop opening charts of 8 and 9 handed games in live cash games 1/3 with time as rake at $12
    ($10 time and $2 tip at about 12-19 VPIP) do you have that at your poker coaching site. Or if there is any way I can purchase to get this done or use a solver like simple pre flop Program. Thank you.

    • I have cash games charts for high rake games at in the Tools section in the Downloadable Charts section.

  6. Do people actually memorise this when playing at live tables? Seems like a lot of work!

    • @Pokarface7 I play a lot of chess and I have to say that memorizing 6 lines of an opening all to 15 moves deep is still nowhere near as hard as remembering this. I really hope it just comes with time and practice as you say.

    • Most of them, I did. In low limits at casinos, recreational players rarely 3 bet you preflop, so I dont know a lot of 4 bet values. Its like memorizing the multiplication chart since you dont really mentally count 7 x 8, you already know its 56 since youve been doing it since elementary school.
      Wait until you see what people that play bridge memorize! Memorizing openings in chess is not necessary since you can excel with tactics

  7. can i remove bluffs when i play micro buy in? 1,5,5$? or i need to have some 3bet bluffs in my ranges?

    • Yes, they are good for deep-stacked small stakes games.

  8. Hi , weird I wanna be happy 3betting JJ TT vs CO for value shouldnt I ?

  9. Jon, how would you recommend using these charts when you have limpers in front of you?

  10. ty jon, my question is about the effective stack, as someone who opens CO and we are BTN can i call with any effective stack? how many bbs do i need for flat calling like 25x bbs or 25x the raiser value? what about 3 bet light? can i bet 3 light with 20bbs? what is the minimum required? thats my question, thank you very much

    • A little late responding but if your short stacked on the button you should be calling the cutoff quite often with position, unless your under 15bb or so in which case your flat calling range is either very small or non-existent so you could simplify the strategy to being all in or fold.

  11. Thanks for the content, but some of the charts look weird to me. How is JJ BTN vs CO not a 3bet? Youre so much ahead of the CO range?

    • @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching Thanks! That makes sense. Im assuming youre supposed to use a mixed strategy calling some of the time with all of your premium hands? Just jacks seems very exploitable.

    • If you never protect your calling range in the BTN vs a CO open, the SB and BB can squeeze very lightly and often because they will be against a wide CO range and a very condensed BTN range.

    • Dont focus on memorizing. Instead, just focus on the concepts/theories behind it and have a strong idea of ranges that you should be using.

  12. Hey i really enjoy the content. Im just wondering how you arrived at these charts. Also are these taking into account any rake and if not how approximately how much do you suggest tightening ranges to account for average 1-2, 2-5 structures? Thanks

  13. It is strange to me that COvsLJ does not have ATo while HJvsLJ does have it. I would assume that COvsLJ should have all hands from HJvsLJ plus some extra.

  14. I know I am mega late to this party but does anyone have any good advice for learning these charts. I obviously dont want to know them verbatim but Id like to have a general idea of what to do in each spot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching Already one step ahead of you. Going to get them laminated and stick them on the wall behind my monitor. 😀 Thank you again

    • Print them out and reference them every time you play!

  15. Lol they never show the basic charts only the RFI charts lmao trying to copy Upswing Poker there Jonathan??

  16. What do you do in the big blind when the small blind limps in? Do you follow the small blind RFI chart?

  17. Oh my looks like another five or six hours study day you and Evan are killing me

  18. how does facing rfi change in a high rake game? would you recommend to 3 bet more in hopes of taking the hand pre flop?

  19. so is it frowned upon to ever limp from any of the other positions other than the small blind? the rfi only is assumed if everyone folds to you. what do you do when other people limp in?

    • Overlimping (limping after one or more other players limp in) is fine and can actually be a lot better than raising in certain situations. For example, imagine youre on the button and have a hand which isnt that strong at the moment in terms of raw equity but has the potential to flop big (low suited connecters- 76s, 54s, low pocket pairs- 22, 33 etc.). Lets imagine three other players (all loose passive fish) limp in. Overlimping here is usually going to be a better player than raising since theres no point in bloating the pot with a marginal hand and very little fold equity when you can instead simply limp in behind, take your excellent pot odds and see a cheap flop and try and flop big.

      As for open limping, it can be fine in theory BUT (and Jonathan Little makes this point in the video) its very hard to balance so, in practice, its better to just raise or fold when first in to the pot.

    • i have that same question, what is the right thing to do when players limp in before your turn to act?

  20. Do you only wanna put these charts to play when you have a decent read on your opponents

  21. Folding to 3bet seems waaaay too low. Normally you should not play more than 50-55% of your opening range to 3bet on average

  22. What is the difference between following 6max gto chartsand playing from the HJ in full ring charts? Is the card removal so important?

    • @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching Hey Jonathan, so if I mostly play 6max cash game as a beginning player, should I use the charts from this video or rather the 6max gto charts? Thanks so much for your content…I watch the weekly pokerhand every day!

    • No, the card removal does not have a large impact. The full ring charts are for small stakes games, against weak players. The 6max gto charts are solved specifically for 6max games, raked at 5% with a .6bb cap, against tough opponents.

  23. Hey JL, thank you for making such great videos and content .. JL are these charts specifically made for 9 handed, 8 handed or 6 handed ?

    • We have 6-handed charts at in the Tools section.

  24. How do you adjust these ranges when it has only players who have limped leading up to your turn??

  25. I think these charts should say if they are listed for cash or tournament . Some of these hands are marginal and unprofitable defends in a cash game but would be reasonable in a tournament

  26. could you explain these charts in examples , but slower and not fast speaking (for international users) please! You are very fast speaker or .. could you add examples and more explains (percentage numbers at button of schedules ) for intermediate or even novice users ? many thanks

  27. One more question if I may… on 6-max should I play on UTG like on LJ on those charts?

  28. Hi, great video as always! What percentage of the 3 betting ragnes should you continue with? For example in the SB vs BTN RFI should we continue to 5 bet any bluffs? What percentage of the 3bet for value range should we call a 4bet or/and 5bet shove?

    • It depends on the strategy and stack depths, but you should certainly not continue with anywhere near all the bluffs.

  29. хорошие чарты, особенно умиляют фолды на 3бет по 25-30%, игра на сб и защита ББ против ранних по 30%. Заливать постфлоп будешь много, но недолго :DD

    • 9, just remove the early positions as there are fewer people at the table.

  30. Great charts, but l kind of confuse with the 3bet chart. lf you open raise utg+1 and there will be no one 3bet you from utg right

  31. I asume these are 100bb cash charts? How can i adjust those ranges to middle and small stack sizes in mtt?

  32. Great content, much appreciated
    Just one question, what sort of adjustment should one make when playing say 10 to 30 BB deep?

  33. Thought. In charts theres AK as 4-bet for value and AQo as 4-bet for bluff. If thats a rather turbo tournament and 4-bet means pretty much an all-in then

    a) should I really have a 4-bet for bluff range? Do I need to be balanced here?
    b) is AKo really good as 4-bet for value here? I have a feeling like in those kind of tournaments with weak players AA/KK will be for value, but AKs will be for bluff. Im pretty sure someone folded JJ on my 4-bet the last time Ive shoved ~3.5 times his 3-bet (same stacks really)

    • @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching i mean in a 6-max implementable charts i cant find a 4bet and 5bet ranges.

  34. Hi — Good stuff — Just wondering what adjustments to make when no antes in play and in bounty Hunters with 50% of prize on players head. Thx

  35. Regarding sizing… Should I open UTG — UTG+2 with 3.5X if Im sure Ill get called by 2-4 players during first 4 levels? Is raising 5X in that case reasonable?

    I play every week on local tournament in a country where live poker is almost non-existent, so people play extremely loose (because most of them are complete beginners) on the beginning of the tournament during reentry phase.

    • @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching Thanks. They are quite awful 😉 Its quite of a turbo I guess (15 mins 4 levels, later 20 mins, freezeout starts with level 9) and for first 4 levels if I open 3.5X on UTG I very often have 4-5 way flop. I will get called with 53o for fun. I will get called with ATo for sure. That being said, if you mean logical by — more with good hands — they will notice that and heavily adapt. Maybe I should balance that and raise big with both premium and bottom of my range.

      Just too elaborate if anyone is interested: its a 50 PLN entry (Id say equivalent of ~$50, not by looking at direct exchange rates, but purchasing power/how much people earn), its almost only tourney run twice a week in ~500k city, its started less thatn 2 years ago. Online is banned, although not too enforced. So that being said in the end its full of people who dont really know what a range is, position etc. only basics, and also they treat it as a social event, so as long as they can reenter theyll surely go all-in eg. with 50% pot odds and 37% chance of a flush. Or worse. And theyll have a lot of fun if they hit a straight with 53o once in a while. I guess I should be happy about that 😉

    • If your opponents will call with all sorts of junk no matter the sizing you use, use the logical sizing with each type of hand. That said, most players are not that awful.

  36. Jon, u stated that charts are as loose as they ever can be.

    But if you dont include an ante.. can we have charts without an ante, please?

  37. Fwiw you have to be pretty deep to be 4! Bluffing unless its a jam.

    Is there a version of this PF chart for different stack depths?

  38. Do these ranges apply to cash game SixMax?
    I think that by playing that range you may appear very loose at a CG tabble when in a tournament youll change table so its not a big deal

  39. Why does your 6max charts have zero calling range? (exclude button and bb)

  40. Super lesson, JL. Ive been avoiding the HW, b/c I didnt understand a fundamental question which no one seemed to be able to answer. At the end, someone said, why wouldnt you be playing AA or KK? Which was my question, and you said, they limped earlier, so they didnt have them in their range. So Im assuming you would Never be playing someone who would slow play/limp those hands? I think I get it.

  41. Hello Jonathan, this charts applicable to 6 handed ?

    I check it for 9 handed, can i use it start from Lojack position as staring position?

    • We have downloadable preflop charts for 6max cash games with rake at in the Tools section.

  42. OMG how did you know how badly I needed this? Did I get all the quiz questions right on day two of 30 DC? No, b/c I cant memorize that much that soon.

  43. Hey Jonathan,
    Just wanted to leave a quick thank you here for bringing out high quality content on such a consistent basis! That is really impressive and MUCH appreciated by us. Thank you Jon!

    • @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching He is only saying what we are all thinking. You really do an amazing job with this channel and your website. Please continue to keep up the stellar work. 🙂

  44. Hello Jonathan, I think these charts are awesome and I believe I and a lot of ppl — we highly appreciate it. Would be possible to get something similar for 6max cash games for us onliners? I sometimes do really struggle while thinking if I should open with that hand or not.

    Especially because UTG is LoJack, but I am actually more inclined to keep UTG ranges than LJ. And UTG+1 is HJ but here I am inclined to LJ-ish ranges.
    Also in 6max cache games I think ppl are (even I am) three betting quite more often with blocker hands, especially Button vs Cut off.

    • Charts are essentially the same. Like you said, LJ is first to act.

    • Use the Range Analyzer at in the tools section

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